Gomes Thanks North End Athletic Association for First Robert "Teddy" Tomasone Award

Carla Gomez (center) is presented with the Robert

Carla Gomez (center) is presented with the Robert "Ted" Tomasone Community Recognition Award

The Robert "Teddy" Tomasone award was added this year to the annual North End Christmas Fund Luncheon. As the first recipient, Carla Agrippino Gomes, thanked the community with this statement.

"Last Thursday I had the honor of being the first recipient of the Robert "Teddy" Tomasone award which honors unwavering commitment and dedication to the North End Community. I was extremely honored to receive this award and I would like to express my gratitude to Teddy Tomasone for all he has done for the North End community and more importantly for all the children of the North End through the North End Athletic Association. The NEAA supports baseball, soccer and all sports programs in the North End. The organization has even taken as many as 65 neighborhood kids to Red Sox games. If anyone should have been honored and recognized first, it should have been Teddy. Growing up in the North End, and raising a family there has been a blessing. I truly cherish the way in which we as a neighborhood have stayed committed and unified in creating a safe and familiar environment for our children to grow up in. Again, I am honored to receive this award and look forward to another successful year in 2018!"

Carla Gomes is a native North Ender and owner of Terramia, Cobblestone and Antico Forno restaurants.