Boston Neighbourhoods You Have to Visit

You, of course, can't leave North End without enjoying the incredible food already mentioned. Antico Forno (pictured above) is a must-dine-at Italian restaurant and with their delicious menu and distinctive cooking methods, it should certainly be on your North End to-do list. Carla Gomes from Antico Forno told us: "Antico Forno is a very unique restaurant in the North End, although it's very much Italian. It was the first wood-fired brick oven restaurant in the neighbourhood when we opened in 1996. The restaurant was named after the oven, which means 'Old Oven', built by craftsmen from Naples, and the floor of the oven is lined with volcanic ash from Pompeii which results in a hotter oven that reaches temperatures up to 900 to 1,000 degrees.

"Most dishes get topped off in the brick oven for a minute or two before they go to the table and that's where I would say we are unique because no other restaurant does this or even has a volcanic ash floor oven. Also, the bricks on the outside of the oven come from an old building from the early 1900s in South Boston that were given to us back in 1996.

"The menu is Southern Italian comfort food or 'Nonna's Cooking'. When you are in Antico you feel very much at home, like you could be in your Nonna's kitchen for Sunday afternoon lunch/dinner. We have many different Italian pizzas, appetizers, pasta, entrees and desserts! We also have a bar that seats 12-13 people."